In the heart of Homa Bay County, an idea was conceived—an idea that would ignite the study of History and Government in schools across the region. Homa Bay County History Association (HOCHA) emerged as a powerful catalyst for change. What began as a localized initiative has since evolved into an educational force of remarkable proportions.

A Legacy of Excellence

HOCHA boasts a legacy that spans over a decade, firmly establishing itself as a prestigious joint examination for Form 4 students. It has garnered a reputation as one of the most trusted History and Government examinations. The association's commitment to academic excellence has consistently guided students and teachers alike towards success.

Uniting Schools, Nurturing Collaboration

One of HOCHA's distinctive features is its ability to bring schools from diverse regions together. It places a strong emphasis on physical marking sessions, fostering invaluable collaboration among teachers. This unique approach allows educators to exchange insights, ideas, and best practices, enriching the educational experience for all involved.

Expanding Horizons

As testament to its growth, HOCHA now draws participants from not only Homa Bay County but also the broader regions of Nyanza, Western, and the Rift Valley. The association's reach has expanded exponentially, illuminating the educational landscape with the light of knowledge.

HOCHA is more than just an examination—it's a beacon of educational excellence, uniting schools and students while shaping the future of History and Government studies in the region. Contact us at 0729804932 for more information.